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Hera Sweaters is a LEEDS GOLD Certified Green Factory.

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  • November 03, 2019

Green ? ……… REAL GREEN !!

Hera Sweaters is a LEEDS GOLD Certified Green Factory.

While this is a part of our Core Values , Vision and it is an achievement that we should be proud of ……. we also realize that this Certificate will remain only a Certificate if we do not have a Green Mindset !

We know deep inside that we will be a Real Green factory only when our grassroots are able to understand whats is Green and why we need to be Green.

The day when our workers and employees start believing and practicing this Green way , that will be the day we will hold this Green Certificate higher than we are holding it today.

In line with the above Vision we have Just completed our first Interactive session with our worker level, where we explained to them about Green…….

……signing of with the hope that this will fire up the spark that young Greta Thunberg has managed to start

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